Monday, August 01, 2005

Two Ice Creams Are Always Better Than One

This past weekend, I met a friend for an afternoon cocktail at The Boathouse. My friend was running late, and so I walked around for a bit until I came to a little Italian cafe on E. 73rd Street. In front of the cafe was an outdoor gelato stand. As I walked past the cafe, I slowed my pace and looked inside the case. Flavors like like Hazelnut, Amaretto, and Lemon teased me to stop and get a couple of scoops. I hemmed and hawed and decided to just keep walking. I was meeting my friend soon anyway.

I started thinking about a TV show that I had seen recently hosted by Giada de Laurentiis on The Food Network where the camera followed her all around while she was traveling through Italy. In one part of the show, Giada and her very cute hubby went to a local gelato place in Rome. As soon as I thought of that, my self-control disappeared. I turned around and briskly walked back to the gelato stand and got a scoop each of Brioche and Hazelnut. good.

With ice cream in hand, I walked over to the park and met my friend and headed over to The Boathouse. By the time, I met up with my friend, I had finished my ice cream and so my friend never knew about my snack. We proceeded to the Boathouse and had our drink. Having a drink at The Boathouse is very New York and Woody Allen and so are the prices. $11 for a drink! The bartender was calculating in his head and was mumbling "so that's $, wait...that'll be $22.00." Geez.

After my friend and I caught up and finished our drinks, we left The Boathouse and walked around the park a bit. With nothing to do, I slyly suggested we go for ice cream. I led my friend to the exact same gelato place that I had just visited an hour before! Luckily the attendant was someone different and so my secret was safe with me (at least until now). At least I got different flavors the second time!


teahouse said...

Hey, I was at the boathouse on Sunday for brunch with my friends! Very lovely.

And Giada de Laurentiis is anorexic or something, no? My Boy does a really good impression of her simpering into the camera. They do the camera angle on her show so that her head looks really BIG.

TCho said...

Ooh. Sunday brunch at the boathouse must be nice. I've never been for brunch.

Yeah, she's incredibly skinny and i think the shape of her mouth is really weird. And you're right. She does do this weird kind of "I'm trying to look self-conscious, but I'm really all that" look. Lol.

Jenny said...

Never apologize for eating too much ice cream. Isn't gelato better for you, anyway... or did I just make that up to feel better about my gluttony?

And thanks for stopping by my site!

rajimonster said...

$11 for a drink! An outrage.

Later that night I found out that there are indeed 3 other in the Collins family, besides Tom. I got a bartender to write them down for me. No Phil Collins though...or Joan Collins, either.

I think we have some inventing to do.

Frances said...

Sounds like something I would do.
I'm on the Upper East Side right now, and wish I had the exact address of that gelato stand!
I like your blogging style.
Found you on nycbloggers.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

You haven't tasted Gelato or Ice Cream until you've had Gelateria Naia, a California startup:

It's the Rolls Royce of Dairy Products!