Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Beware...The Witch Is Here

The other day, I got the most bizarre comment on my blog. I've deleted it since its appearance, but it definitely freaked me out. It was a long diatribe in response to my My New BFF post. I guess it was SPAM, but I have no idea to what purpose. According to the "Prophet",

Ulnar and radial bones are seat of the unholy monkey legions of scorpio - physical therapy = trick of the devil-christ to lure deceptor docs in white to blackness time shade midnight earth EVIL bastards fool-schooled.

WTF?!? I won't post the rest of the comment because it is LONG and to be perfectly honest, incomprehensible. It's like some strange stream of consciousness, schizophrenic statement trying to convert me to his (or her; the prophet says he is both male and female) beliefs, whatever they are.

Well, I immediately tried to investigate and didn't find much. The "prophet" has a blog with more crazy posts. And I found some other blogs to have been hit with a comment from this person. Whoever this person is, he or she definitely has a few loose screws.

Now that I've said that, I'll probably have a hex placed on me. This is actually the second time I've dealt with a witch. Well, I say that tongue-in-cheek, but we had our suspicions. At my old job, I used to have a temp who we thought was just plain creepy. She just had this weird LOOK and we were all sure she was a witch. I mean the real deal: casting spells, black cat, etc. She had a weird name too. I won't repeat it here in this blog, but it's kind of like what "Joey" from Friends said: "Chandler is the stupidest name I ever heard. It's kind of like chandelier, but it's NOT!"

I think the thing that convinced us was her message on a Congratulations card for a co-worker. She wrote "Your time has come." Whoa.

Well, I know rationally, this is silly, but legend just grew and grew and we accepted it. So when I got the comment from the "Prophet", I thought "Oh my god. Another witch." I was so freaked out by this comment that I wanted to take down my blog because I didn't want to be that accessible to freaks like this guy.

But then I thought of why I started my blog and why I've enjoyed this one month experiment in blogging. When I started this, I knew that I wanted it to reflect me and my opinions. I'm not much of a political or "issues" person, so I didn't want it to be too serious. I just wanted it to be fun, but thoughtful. I also didn't want my blog to be a list of grievances because that's no fun either and just sounds like whining. What I have liked most about writing in my blog is that it gives me an outlet to react in a more human way to situations I see or things I hear when the social dictums of discretion or professionalism prevent me from doing that. Also, as with lots of people, I think of my snappy commentary hours after the fact, so the blog is a nice way to catch up.

But most importantly, my blog has allowed me to share parts of my life and the things I have to say. I don't get to see my friends often (mostly because I have anti-social tendencies) and it's nice to know that at least some of them can see what's going on with me by coming here to my blog.

So I hope everyone's enjoyed it so far. I like what I've written so far and I think I've been able to find a niche for myself. So out of the millions of blogs out there, I hope people read mine. Write comments! Email me! Let me know what you think.


Byf said...

Enjoying the blog! Keep it going!

You would be surprised how many certifiably crazy people there are in this world. I have a friend who selects letters to the editor for a large newspaper, and you wouldn't believe some of the out-there crap he's shown me. I wouldn't worry.

Vangie said...

Tcho- I think she wrote that on my bar pasing card!!!