Monday, August 08, 2005


To continue my comic book theme in the movies, I saw Batman Begins at the Sony Loews Lincoln Center IMAX, despite my unofficial boycott of Loews theaters (I had an "incident" previously with Fandango). A few thoughts:

- This movie is scary! I jumped at the first scary scene and had to keep my guard up for the rest of the movie.

- Christian Bale has certainly done a nice job of growing up. I still remember him when he played that little kid in Empire of the Sun. He's such a hottie now and has a nice sexy voice.

- Was Katie Holmes at the end of the movie not wearing a bra? Either that or it was really cold in that scene.

- Seeing a movie in the IMAX version can be disconcerting. It's very loud and the screen is HUMONGOUS. Some of the heavy-duty fight scenes where the camera is flying all over the place can be a little disorienting. But the weirdest thing is the weird movie theater voice guy telling us to "Please use the upstairs exits", and "Please gather all your personal belongings." It was like this booming voice could just all of a sudden be heard from the sky. I was like, "Who is that? God?"

All in all, I really liked Batman. The story and acting were good and it really set up the upcoming sequels nicely. If only they had shown more shirtless scenes of Christian Bale and this movie would be a 10.


Byf said...

I noticed Katie's nipples, too. I nearly had to turn away out of embarrassment. I used to like her, but with the whole Tom Cruise thing she now annoys the hell out of me.

GrooveTheory said...

I guess I have to wait for the DVD now huh :( DAGNABBIT! I totally forgot about Batman.