Saturday, August 13, 2005

Water Rules

Today, after a really active day, I went for a run. I had already rowed a boat in Central Park with some friends (well, I didn't actually row with my broken arm, so the girls rowed), done some work, played tennis, brunched with some friends. Then around 5PM, I decided to go running. On Saturdays, I usually run 2-3 miles on the West Side Highway and then stop at W. 16th Street, so I can visit the Farmer's Market at Union Square.

I was PARCHED after my run. It was so humid and I'm surprised I made it the whole way. I probably would have car-jacked a Poland Spring truck if I had seen one. As it was, I approached a hot dog stand and bought a bottled water and drank it in about 10 seconds. Then I bought another bottle and did the same thing. All in all, I bought four bottles and drank them all in about 4 minutes.

I think that would have made a nice commercial. It was made for TV.

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