Thursday, August 11, 2005

Food Phases

When I find a food that I like, I tend to go overboard and then I'm sick of it after a couple of weeks. My friends would tell me "Geez, when you like something, Terence, you kill it!" For example, there was that month when I had rotisserie chicken everyday and was making a tour of every rotisserie chicken place in the city. There was also that week that I had Chipotle for lunch and dinner everyday for a week (which my friends found disgusting). Oh and the time when I loved these bags of cinammon pita chips so much that I ordered a whole case. Then there was that time when I discovered roasted beets. At my old employer's cafeteria, roasted beets were served every day. I'm talking those deep magenta colored beets with sliced raw onions. I kept wondering who ate those? They served them every damn day! Finally, curiousity got the better of me, I got some of those beets. The first time I took a bite of a roasted beet, I thought to myself, "Hmmm....not bad." I actually had this idea in my head that beets were spicy but then I realized I was confusing beets with radishes. Eventually I started having them with every dinner I had in the cafeteria. But I still felt like I was the only person eating them. I'd ask people "Do you eat beets? Don't they look weird to you or even kinda gross?" My friends would respond "Well, then why are you eating them?" "Oh well, I kinda like them," I said.

Well, right now, I'm having another craving and I can feel another food phase coming on. Except I can't get this food item now! I am SO craving Clementine oranges right now. I'm talking about those really sweet, easily peeled, tiny oranges that are so good but only in season in the Winter. I really wish I could buy a whole crate right now.

*Sigh*, I guess I'll get a tangelo. I like those too.


Byf said...

Perhaps you're pregnant!

Sorry to hear about your Clementine misfortune. You could, perhaps, buy an extremely ripe organic orange and bounce it against the wall a few times. Not the same thing, but close.

I had a pickled ginger phase once, myself. Strange how the body can tell you what it wants.

Robin said...

Oh my gosh, you can get a crate of Clementines at the cheap Chinese market on Clinton! I just got a big crate and ate almost all of it in 5 days!

In fact, I was going to pick another one up tonight since I'm down to the last one. I see you offered to cook me dinner on Sunday and there's no need to ask me twice. Want me to bring you a crate (I hope they're still in stock)?

Kristy said...

Hey - I do the same thing too. But it's usually with chocolate cake. I'll go on a binge, and then not need any for a while, and then go on a binge again. And during my cravings, nothing but chocolate cake will do. I am completely unhappy until I can have some.

BTW, it occurs to me that they might not make non-fat soy milk. I've never looked. I don't actually like soy milk all by itself, but I love the vanilla soy milk. It's like ice cream in a glass, and it sweetens your cereal. SOOOOOO good.

rajimonster said...

if you ever crave toffee, i can hook you up. in a weak, nostalgic, home-sick moment, i ordered a box (36 bars) of toffee from canada (macintosh's). there are 34 bars to go!

but yeah, i had an obsession with apple-sauce that lasted months.