Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mr. Cool--Lance Armstrong

I saw Lance Armstrong last night on David Letterman. He was talking about how he wanted his kids to be at his final Tour. He really wanted his kids to understand what their daddy does for a living. His kids apparently used to think that their Dad didn't really do anything. "Oh yeah, my dad just sits around the house and goes on a bike ride once in a while."

Well, I'm glad he set his kids straight and showed them why he's not a bum, but instead the coolest guy ever.


teahouse said...

Yeah, but I stopped being a fan of his when he left his perfectly nice wife for Sheryl Crow!

TCho said...

Oh I didn't know that he LEFT her. How horrible!

Jase said...

They had a mutual breakup - I hear they still talk to each other too; and raise the kids together.

His personal relationships doesn't affect how I feel for him as an icon for personal recovery, dedication, and determination.

And with a porn-star-like name of Lance Armstrong.. damn, that's hot!

John said...

I wonder what he'll do now

Vangie said...

Maybe he'll create a line of posh Lance bikes! These will go perfectly with tcho's posh lifestyle and his posh Godiva summer drink.