Saturday, September 10, 2011

Step 2 In My Return: Some of My Old Friends Are Gone From The Blogosphere

Apparently has gone out of business, which made my blog appear to be possessed by some sort of devilish internet worm.  At any rate, Blogger now seems to have its own "Blogroll" functionality, which I have been happily filling out today with some blogs of old friends, as well as a few new ones.

Sadly, some of the blogs out there that I used to follow no longer exist and joined me in those who could no longer list "Blogging" under my Facebook activities.  Looking around at some blogs, and revisiting some old favorites, I realized how truly old-fashioned my blog is.  I mean, I have a link to Friendster on my blog!

Anyhow, I won't go as far as to promise that I'll be blogging regularly soon, since we all now how that worked out last time.  But I'm kind of getting back into this and as a published "journalist" (in London, no less), maybe my writing juices have started flowing again.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I've Succombed to Twitter

So I've started a "lazy man's blog" over at some site that everyone's been talking about, Twitter. I have to admit that sometimes, making my thoughts less than 140 characters can be a bit of a challenge, which is probably a sign that I have a lot to say and maybe should come back to this blog as an outlet.

At any rate, click here to check out my new Twitter feed. And who knows? Maybe I'll come back to the blogosphere.