Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My New BFF

So my new best friend is my therapist. Note, I mean physical therapist because I quickly realized that whenever I said "So, my therapist and I..." or "I'm coming back from therapy...", people thought I was seeing a psychiatrist.

I started physical therapy about three weeks after my surgery. After my first session, I was nearly in tears. I couldn't do any of the exercises and I thought my arm was never going to get better. It was still pretty painful and I had only just gotten the staples removed from my arm about 2 days before that.

I'm glad that I really like my therapist. She and I have been working together to get my arm back to normal. Since I broke both the ulnar and radial bones and had two metal plates and twelve screws surgically implanted in my arm from my battle with the tire, it'll be a long and slow recovery for me. But the good news is that my therapist informed me the other day that I could cut back my visits to two times per week instead of three. Yay for me.

Throughout therapy, supination has been the hardest exercise for me. I can get my arm to about 75 degrees, as opposed to 180, and that's about it. It's really frustrating because I'm a pretty active guy and I like to play a lot of sports and go to the gym a lot, but can't do too much right now with my arm like this. And I especially need the supination to play tennis. So it's pretty depressing and fortunately I have physical therapy this summer to stop me from going crazy.

I've got a long ways to go and a lot more therapy to do. During our sessions we chat all the time. The other day she recommended that I get the Chocolate Babka at Fairway because I live near there. I was thinking "Babka? You mean that dessert from Seinfeld? I never knew that was a real thing." And then yesterday she was telling me how her husband is a screamer. He could drop something and he'd start screaming. She told me that if anyone ever heard her scream like her husband, it meant someone was killing her.

Anyway, my therapist and I chat all the time while I try to get my arm back to normal. It's like I have my own "Paulette" from Legally Blond to get me through it all.


teahouse said...

Legally Blonde is one of my all-time favorite movies!!

And my parents aren't back yet, so that give me enough time to add your link before erasing my history again...

Frances said...

Oh my I was hurting just reading this.
Healing vibes coming your way.
I found you on nycbloggers.
Take care

Byf said...

Keep your chin up. Or your arm, I guess. I had to go through some similar crap, so I know how rough it can be. I also found you on nycbloggers. Happy blogging.