Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Free Chapstick!

Woo-hoo! I went to a company benefits presentation today and one of our insurance carriers gave us free chapstick. Yay! I'm a total lip balm/chapstick person. I have around 10 tubes of them at any one time to go in my coat pockets, backpack, work bag and on my desks at home and work.

I sometimes tell people how I think I'm a very boring person. Case in point here. Free chapstick tubes are the type of things that excite me.


Xtine said...

I've gotten chap stick in gifts bags, the kind that hangs from a string around your neck that you wear all day and never loose it. amazing ;)

teahouse said...

What's your brand of choice?

I like Blistex meself.

EM said...

i used to be a total chapstick addict until I figured out that my lips were STAYING chapped because they weren't producing any moisture on their own because of overusing chapstick. i've sinced switched to putting lotion on my lips, and using lip gloss instead, and i have way less chapped lips. granted, the lipgloss thing might not be the best way for YOU to go, but try a little lotion on your lips at night before bed.
wow, i'm as fascinating as you are.

Ben said...

MIke Stillwell once stoll the entire inventory of Chapstick from 7-11 and gave them to me in English class in 11th grade.

Vangie said...

Personally I love Carmex and TCHO tried to convince me once that I was addicted to. He said the makers of Carmex do it on purpose. HUMMMMPPPH! I don't think so. Plus Tcho, i just found out that my very favorite NFL player, Tom Brady loves Carmex as well. I'm sticking to that yellow pot.

By the way, I also think its true that our lips are chapped because we use lip balm a lot.