Sunday, July 31, 2005

Being The Thing Is Not Fantastic

WARNING: The below may contain spoilers.

I saw Fantastic Four on Sunday. Towards the end of the movie The Thing became human again and then faced a dilemma. Should he stay human or should he go back to being The Thing and help out his friends? This guy had already had a sucky couple of weeks. First the cosmic storm turned him into this human boulder and made him look like a freak. At least everybody else got to keep their looks. And in the case of Chris Evans (aka the Human Torch), I'm so glad he did. Wow, what a major hottie. Then The Thing's fiancee broke off the engagement. And then he can't eat or drink anything because he keeps breaking the cups and silverware. At least a blind woman befriended him eventually in the movie and even became his date. But I thought that was so cliched. Of course a blind woman is going to be the only person who would go on a date with The Thing.

Anyway, at the end, his friends are in trouble and he decides to go back in Dr. Doom's machine and change back into The Thing. I guess he realized his higher calling as a superhero, and of course he wanted to save his friends.

After the movie, my friend said there was no way she would have ever gone back into the machine to change back to The Thing. She said "Oh well. I guess they'll just have to take care of it themselves."

Well I guess when I form my superhero troupe, I won't be inviting her.

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Vangie said...

As vain as you are, you know that given the opportunity you would NEVER go back to being the ugly thing! I mean come on, gucci was not made for the ugly!