Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Destiny's Child's Fall

Last week I read that a company was coming out with a Visa-sponsored Destiny's Child Debit Card. Oops. Bad timing. Now I have no idea what the benefit of a Destiny's Child branded card could be. Free music? A Date with Beyonce? Who knows.

The announcement that Destiny's Child's breakup was no surprise to anyone (hello! The title of their last CD is Destiny Fulfilled.) But I never heard the whole story. Did the two not-so-famous girls beg Beyonce not to leave them? Or was it a mutual decision amongst all three of them since the two not-so-famous girls enjoyed relatively modest success while Beyonce was off becoming Queen of the Universe? I actually think it was a friendly break-up and the girls will remain friends and embark on their solo careers, especially since Kelly is engaged right now. They've all made gobs of money anyway and are pretty much set.

However, thinking about Destiny's Child reminds me of the funniest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. I was watching The Best Week Ever on VH1 last Fall and saw a clip of the least famous girl (Michelle Williams) trip and fall flat on her face while singing "Soldier" on some awards show. It really was a nasty fall on what I'm sure was a very hard floor. I felt so bad for her. But what was so funny were the reactions of the Beyonce and Kelly. Kelly looked down with a priceless look of "Dumbass, how could you fall!" and Beyonce didn't miss a single beat and just kept on singing and dancing away. I was in stitches.

Luckily Michelle picked herself up and the show went on. Meanwhile the commentator on VH1 imagined this whole conspiracy plot orchestrated by Jay-Z and Beyonce with Jay-Z saying to Beyonce right before curtain time "Yo, don't pick that bitch up." I was rolling on the floor laughing when I heard this.

Now, you might think from this post that I'm Destiny's Child #1 fan or something. I really am not. I don't have any of their albums, although I do have some of their songs on my iPod. My favorite is that Independent Woman song from Charlie's Angels. When they started getting really big, I was really surprised because I remembered their first album and thought this group would disappear like so many other R&B female groups from years past (remember SWV, 3LW?) Granted, the original Destiny's Child went through 5 changes or something like that. I even saw one girl dropped on some MTV documentary following them around. At the beginning, the fourth girl was in the show, and then by the end she was gone! But I do think the girls of Destiny's Child are so cute when they perform together. They're always wearing cute coordinated outfits and their walks and dance moves are always very together. It's a shame they're breaking up because I think their last few performances that I've seen on TV (last one I saw was on the ESPY Awards) have been the best, especially because Beyonce has been sharing the limelight and hasn't had the need to always be in the center of the group (both literally and figuratively).

Anyway, good luck to the members of Destiny's Child and thanks for the catchy tunes that I listen to on my runs.


Kristy said...

Now, was that fall more or less humiliating than having your picture in your high school newsletter with your eyes closed? ;)

Jase said...

I love Destiny's Child..

..actually, I love Beyonce. The reason why DC still exists is because of the almighty Beyonce. Her solo album was hot. That girl is talented!