Thursday, July 28, 2005

Get a Room

Luckily my office building makes our lobby area frigid, which is more than welcome on hot days like yesterday. It felt like 100 degrees outside and going out for even five minutes was like walking through a volcano. The heat was just so oppressive.

I came back yesterday after lunch and got into the elevator with the rest of the lunchtime crowd. In weather like that, all anyone is ever to talk about is how bad it is. We were all panting for water, fanning our flushed faces and wiping the sweat off our brows.

Pretty soon, the elevator car just contained me and two girls who were talking about how sweaty and gross they felt. They were comparing battle wounds (in this case, sweat stains) when one girl said "Here, smell my armpit".

Was it just me or was this a little weird? I was thinking, "Ew. Get a room."

1 comment:

teahouse said...

Arggghghghgghghghgghghhh...that's disgusting!!

I guess a good friend's work is never done.