Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New York's Subway Saga

What is up with the subway? I arrived at work today drenched in sweat because it was about FIVE THOUSAND degrees on both the 2/3 and the S shuttle to get to work since the A/C was not working today on either train I was on. I was already sweating because I had to wait for two trains to pass by in the inferno station before I could get on to a train. And so much for those random bag searches. After seeing a Search Table set up at literally only one train station (Grand Central) and only seeing it in the mornings, now I don’t see them at all. Another half-hearted effort from the morons who run the MTA (ok, I know it wasn’t entirely the MTA, but it’s easiest to blame them).

Complaining about the subway in New York is like talking about Manhattan real estate. It's a favorite subject of every New Yorker. The MTA is rife with inefficiencies and the moronic passengers on the subway increase the stress level ten-fold. So in honor of this, I’ve collected some of the best treatises on the New York subway that I’ve read:

How to ride the NYC subway...(this is my favorite)

What we DON'T need on the subway...

MTAs most hated

An Open Letter to the MTA

Subway Etiquette, a little lesson

90 degrees is the temperature at which the F train melts

List of People to Kill on the Subway

Thanks MTA! - I was overdue for a good mugging!

MC with Subway Etiquette

Subway Etiquette Clash: How I got kicked by an old woman

People on the subway that deserve to die

One of these days, I’ll have a Maybach to take me to work. Well, hopefully I won't be working if I can afford one of those.

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Robin said...

This is exactly why my Los Angeles road rage has morphed into subway savagery. There are also people who walk SO slowly or clog the escalators/stairways that I want to hit them with a stick--obviously not a good idea these days with all the cops around.

My Yahoo! does not seem to be taking your RSS feeds anymore...doesn't show updates. Yet another reason to ditch them for Google!