Thursday, July 28, 2005

Food Tattoos

There seems to be a weird trend of printing words or text directly on food. First are the Trivial Pursuit Pringles.

I never thought of potato chips as reading material. This is literally brain food.

Then the NYTimes reported that Fruit Tattoos are coming our way.

Permanently disfiguring food with a laser seems to me to be a bit of an overkill. The NY Times article mentions that these new tattoos could be used as advertising space in addition to containing vital information about the origin and type of fruit at hand.

The article, itself, is very amusing, especially the story of Jean Lemeaux who went to hell and back while taking off fruit stickers. Who knew those stickers could wreak so much havoc on your life?

But all of this sounds a little creepy and science-fiction-y to me. Before you know it, all of our food will have barcodes on it for tracking. And then soon, I'll have a barcode tattooed on me so people know where I'm from.


teahouse said...

Well, we knew this was coming, once they started making edible underwear.

GrooveTheory said...

Hey! Thanks for the visit!

It freaked me out too when I see the trend becoming really popular.

Jase said...

I saw on the Food Network this 'futuristic' restaurant where the chef makes his own 'starchy paper' and prints on it with food dye to make his menus. Yep! Edible paper!

Chox said...

I, for one, will NEVER be barcoded.

Never. They'll have to shoot me.