Thursday, July 21, 2005

Walking down the street...

Was walking to dinner tonight in Chelsea at The Biltmore Room and saw a very buff guy about a block away walking up 8th Avenue without a shirt on. He obviously worked out regularly. As he approached me, I saw that he was wearing a yamakuh! Now I have to say that I know nothing about what the yamakuh signifies in the Jewish faith, but I really have to say that the yamakuh made this guy look kind of silly, as if he was an overgrown, hairy kid.


epicurist said...

Thanks for visiting my site TCho.

The Yamukah (kippah, kippot or skull cap) has a few meanings, specifically:
- a religious symbol to recognise that God (Yahweh) is above at all times.
- An acceptance of the Torah and Mitzvot (or the commandments).
- and also to identify yourself as a Jewish person.

It is similar to a nun wearing a habit, or a Muslim or Sikh wearing their head coverings.

I know about this, only because I lived in a Jewish community for quite sometime.

Jase said...

Welcome to the world of blogging TCho! Thanks for visiting my blog.


Also, thanks for the mental image.. I've seen many a guy wearing funny yamukahs, mostly younger.

Oh.. ever hear of a yarmuclaus (for Chrismukkah of course)?

standaman said...

I personally think that yarmulkes are hot.

But maybe it's because I used to have a thing for Jewish guys...