Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday Post #03: Apparently I'm Not The Only One Celebrating Life

This past weekend, I had to work on a big project, and unfortunately I had to ask some data analysts from our San Francisco office to also work. I was very grateful, because our client was happy, which meant my boss was happy, which meant I was happy.

But I felt bad for asking for weekend work. These analyst had worked all week on other projects of mine and were just overworked and exhausted. So of course I told them how grateful I was and how sorry I was to ask them to work on a weekend:

Me: "Thanks so much for working this weekend. I hope I haven't ruined your weekend."

Analyst: "It's ok. You helped out a lot. Thank you for saving my life."

Ok, whoa. That's a bit dramatic. I wish everyone I knew was that easy to please.


Ming the Merciless said...

What an odd response!?!?

Is the weekend off and alone at home that bad in San Francisco?

thwany said...

maybe he was being sarcastic?

tim said...

It is now, 12:22am. Happy Birthday, kid. And many more.