Sunday, May 13, 2007

Birthday Post #03: A Present for Moi? You Shouldn't Have

One day and counting. Contact me here for details on where presents can be sent.


A Star

What moron thought of this as a gift? This has got to be the cheesiest gift ever created. I'm not trying to be an asshole; I get how it's sweet and sentimental and eternal and all that, but really - you name a star after a loved one and that star is billions of light years away and probably not even perceptible 90% of the year and will never, ever come into play in any aspect of life ever again. I don't even understand how they're even official. I seriously doubt an astronomer would ever say "I'm seeing some real activity from Terence Cho," or "Take a look at that star over by Terence Cho."

Mrs. Fields Cookie Of The Month

I suppose it's good that I have a cookie habit as opposed to a crack habit. But the last thing I need is to have cookies tempting me everytime I need a snack.

Any Sort Of Stuffed Animal

Not that I have any friends who still think they're 8, but I have never been into any sort of plush doll.


A Tamagoyaki Pan

I am obsessed with Japanese breakfasts. I just always feel so serene and calm while eating them. A typical Japanese breakfast includes steamed rice, Miso Soup, grilled fish, some Japanese pickled vegetables like pickled radish or pickled cucumber (which are different than American pickles which are cucumbers), Umeboshi, and a Tamagoyaki, which is that egg omelette that you often get with sushi plates.

To make the Tamagoyaki, you need a special rectangular pan. Well I've been making my own in a regular pan, but you don't get those straight quadrilateral lines that I so crave. So this pan would be perfect.

A Mango Cutter

Surprise, surprise, another food related item. Fruit is always such a pain to eat. All the peeling, chopping, skinning, pitting, de-seeding is sometimes just too much of a bother and by the time I'm done, I'm no longer in the mood to eat the damn piece of fruit anymore. Mangoes are probably the fruit that I hate peeling the most. I don't know why so many chefs advocate the "hedgehog" method where you cut the two halves and then score the flesh and turn the skin inside-out. You waste so much mango that way.

That's why I am very hopeful that this Mango Cutter will save me all the aggravation. I had seen it before, but wasn't really sure it worked that well. Then I saw Bobby Flay use it on his show, and my hopes were renewed.

A New iPod

I'm sure I don't need to explain to any of my readers how ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY an iPod is to my life. In fact, if we had a nuclear holocaust, and I could only bring one item, it would be my iPod. But OMG, last Friday, in typical Terence airheadness, I lost my iPod. I was at J. Crew, looking at shirts, and put down my iPod while holding up some shirts in the air. Then in a totally ditzy move, I just walked away from my iPod leaving it there for someone else's enjoyment.

I think I might want a Nano, particularly the Product(RED) one because I do like that color and I can help some kids too, and also because I think the next version of the full iPod will be coming out in a few months.

My Own Gap Ad

I love Gap ads. I wish I could live in one. Everyone looks so happy and they all have perfect teeth. Some of my favorites (see the hyperlinks to YouTube videos) include "Love Train", with that girl who kind of does a back flip at the end. Juliette Lewis with Daft Punk is really cute too, dancing with the robots. I also love the ad with all the models biking to "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire and the colorful scarves (couldn't find a YouTube link). Patrick Wilson, Will Kemp, Raoul Bova all provide very nice eye candy. And I love the Mary J. Blige ad because she sings one of my most favorite songs ever. But my all time favorites are the spots from the "Give A Little Bit" ad series. I always get a little misty-eyed at those ads because I had some stuff going on at the time those aired, and the singing is just so wistful.


David said...

I'd never seen the Bova or Kemp GAP ads before, so thanks for that. Who is Will Kemp?

TCho said...

Oh, Will Kemp is a British ballet dancer....

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Raoul Bova -- Grrrrrrrr!!!!

I love GAP commercials, almost all of them. My favorites are the Winter/Fall ones from a couple years ago with some models walking and bicycling down the street to songs by Earth Wind & Fire. Best ad evah!

Sorry to hear about the iPod! We need to get you a baby clip so you won't lose it again.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

P/S: Your mango photo looks very obscene!!!