Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Groove

Here's some groove for a Monday morning. I wanted to post this directly to my blog, but is being screwy and won't recognize my blogger account credentials.

I came across this video after a weekend filled of looking at old videos of American Bandstand and Saturday morning cartoon-death knell Soul Train performances from the 70s. Some of them are hilarious. We sure could dance like dorks back then.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. Maybe because it was released the same year as my birthday (1977). I could just picture myself in the studio recording this song and belting it into a mike that of course drops down from the ceiling. Oh and of course I have to have the big ass Princess Leia style headphones over my ears, with my hands clutching them and head bopping along to the music. But, alas, I have no musical talent whatsoever, and so American Idol won't be knocking on my door anytime soon.


GrooveTheory said...

Awww! That song always makes me smile. I have that on my iPod.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

You've got the best of my love, darlin!