Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy As A Bee

I was just tired of seeing that "Mea Culpa" title everytime I opened up my blog. Not much has happened to me in the past few days. Just all of a sudden work got crazy and all my clients decided to band together and just dump their work on me. So I've been running around like crazy. And woo-hoo, by tomorrow, I'll have worn a suit twice in the past week. The first time was for a fancy demo of my company's "solution" to all your legal problems, and then tomorrow will be for a job interview. It's too bad I'm not that excited about this job, especially since I learned that someone I went to college with works there now, and I'd kind of prefer not to see him again. And given the relatively small size of this company, I doubt that would happen.

But I always have this thing about visiting another company or firm's office. I'm always looking around taking note of the style, the furniture, the views, the building, etc. And while I've never taken a job solely on my opinion of the company's taste level, it's always nice to be in a place where my taste level and the company's taste level just gel.


GrooveTheory said...

Job interview huh? Goodluck on that!

I do remember when I went for the job interview for my current job, I was quite aware it was in an old OLD OLD building, but not dilapidated by any means. So, I was cool with it. When I got to the room where I suppose to meet the manager, I saw a wall crumbling -- i mean, dust on the floor, wood chip, etc. So, I asked the manager if they are remodeling or something. He looked at me funny, and go, "No, why would you say that?". I don't work in that building anymore, but I did say I will not work for that company.

tim said...

Sometimes, you just have to pick something for vanity reasons.

Anonymous said...

Getting tired of the title of your last post is always a good reason to blog a new post!

Good luck with the job interview!

teahouse said...

Good luck with your interview..You know, maybe this is a sign that your true calling is in design or something like that? If it's your passion, why not find a way to indulge in it?