Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Promise This Will Be My Last Post About That Job, Not That I'm Obsessing Or Anything

I met a headhunter the other day who had actually also been working on placing someone for that job I was so disappointed to not get. She told me that I was the first and only person the company was interviewing and actually she thought that the job was pretty much spoken for because the company kept expressing that they found someone good.

Apparently, after I got cut, the company started sending a new job description to recruiters with different requirements. The position was already a new position, and so some fluidity is expected. And I'm guessing that after probing my experiences and skill set and knowledge base, they figured out more of what they wanted.

Not that I'm pissed or surprised. I guess I'm just glad i could help. Picture me with rolling eyes.

P.S., I'm really not bitter or pissed. I've moved on, seriously. But thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I promise my blog will return to the more witty banter that it's known for.


Ming_the_Merciless said...

'atta boy! That's the right attitude!

Eric said...

Man. I saw the word headhunter and I just got shivers. I kind of hate headhunters.

TCho said...

Yes, headhunters and real estate agents should all burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

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