Saturday, March 10, 2007

We Learn Something New On Idol

The boys go first again this week, sans Nick & AJ. I was really sad to see my favorite hand waving Idol go, but Nick I barely noticed. I felt like he always sang songs that his mom must have sung him to sleep. For the girls we were without Leslie and Alaina. I don't really remember aimless Alaina's singing. I only remember now, her inability to sing a single word on her last night because she invited all of the girls in a big group hug. I think she'll regret screwing up her last moment on TV months from now. Leslie, though, I'll miss. She was kind of one of those cuckoo girls who looked like she was *this* close to becoming Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. She just kind of had this "I'm gonna kill you" look, and then at the end of her last performance, she started blubbering like she was the possessed kid in The Omen. But I liked what I saw of her, and I think she was sent home a little too early.

For this week, the theme is "Tell Me Something About Yourself." This is also the final week that the guys and girls will be separated, and thank god. The boys, this week, went back to showing what a lopsided contest this has been between them and the girls. None of the guys made any impression on me this week. For a change, Sanjaya wasn't the worst this week, but i think that's because he sang a song, which I happen to love ("Waiting On The World to Change" by John Mayer). My vote for the worst this week goes to weird-looking Phil. Simon was too polite when he made fun of Phil's bug eyes. Seriously, Phil really needs to play down the creepy factor. And this week, it didn't help that he sang terribly, singing some weird slow song by LeAnn Rimes.

My favorite male performance was Chris Sligh, kind of by default, because he seemed to be the least shrill and most in-tune. I think Blake could have been good, singing some old school ska-sounding song from 311, but he was just flat. Plus, I looked up the song that Chris S. sang, and it's a Christian Rock song, and we all know how I feel about that genre.

For the girls, surprisingly, I didn't think Antonella was this week's worst. But similar to Sanjaya, she sang a song which is another favorite of mine. Throughout this entire season, I've actually been disappointed by Antonella. I thought Antonella had one of the best auditions, and thought she had a nice Pop-music type voice. Her voice is completely different than Melinda or Stephanie or any of the booming belters, but I thought Antonella would still do well in her own style. But, sheesh, this girl can't even sing in-tune. This week, though, she was better and did a passable job at "Put Your Records On."

My vote for the worst goes to Haley Scarnato. I feel like she thinks she has a bigger voice than she really has. She started this season by tackling Celine and Whitney. And now she's singing some weird Faith Hill song that doesn't really have a hook, and I kind of think she should go back to being a gymnast.

For the best girl this week, Melinda this week, as usual was the consummate pro. But now that I see more of her, all I can think is Anita Baker. And she has got to do something about her neck (where the hell is her stylist?). This week, I voted for the girl who had made it a career of auditioning for Idol, but losing before the Gong show, Gina Glockson. She sang Evanescence this week, and sang it well. It was different and Gina worked that song with some serious rocker attitude.

My votes this week:

Best Guy: Chris Sligh. He doesn't seem intimidated by the spotlight.

Worst Guy: Phil Stacey. There's just something about him. He looks like the secret love child of Moby and Fiona Apple.

Best Girl: Gina Glockson. Gina--The prom dress last week didn't work. Stick with the Rock & Roll clothes.

Worst Girl: Haley Scarnato. There's a Miss Austin, TX Pageant out there for you.

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