Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally! Lost is Back!

This is the just thing I needed to perk me up. I've been kind of blah lately, which I'm attributing to pre-Valentine's depression. But now I am totally pumped up for the return of Lost! I'll finally find out if Juliet calls Jack on his bluff, and what's up with Desmond's clairvoyance. Bai Ling has joined the cast, and I think she's in one of Jack's flashbacks as a Thai prostitute. And will we finally find out what the deal is with Ben, leader of The Others, and his crazy, gun-toting gang of Hawaiian mafia?

I am just so happy. The balance has been returned back to the force. Life is good again.


teahouse said...


I've never seen a single episode of Lost, but I'm very elated on your behalf. What makes you happy makes me happy, TCho!!

tim said...

I vowed to stop watching the show if this past episode sucked. It didn't. I actually liked this episode. I am glad they are back.

Kayo Kid said...

I've never seen "Lost," because I didn't watch it when it first came out. (I know I can get it on iTunes.) But now Bai Ling has piqued my interest!