Monday, December 04, 2006

I Should Get A Punching Bag

For my traveling computing needs, I have a 12-inch size silver Mac Powerbook. But my poor laptop fell on hard times a couple years ago, and has been abused ever since. I suppose that's the hazard of being an item of travel, especially traveling with me, since I have a habit of throwing things around and going through life in my general happy-go-lucky, disposable, accident-prone way.

Anyway, my laptop, over the past couple of years, has been dying a slow death. It culminated a couple of months ago, when the hard drive in my computer just went kaput, and I lost everything. Luckily, I really didn't keep much stuff on it, except for a few photos, but I'll survive without them. The hard drive's death must have been like the brain finally not getting enough blood and oxygen because, my battery at that point was so damaged that it gave me about 15 minutes of juice without the A/C adapter.

The beginning of all this damage started when I stupidly dropped my laptop down the stairs. The scene is like this. I was in Whistler, Canada, and I was returning my skis a day early. But the guy couldn't give me a refund for the extra day without a copy of my receipt which I didn't have in hard copy. So I ran back to my hotel, and grabbed my laptop, yanking the cord out of the wall, and ran back to the ski shop. Now I don't know why I was so excited. Maybe because I was so annoyed that he needed this when the guy had all sorts of other documentation like the form that I signed at the time I first took the skis. Or maybe it was his Scottish accent (foreshadowing of me and my experience with accents). At any rate, as I was taking the steps two at a time, with laptop in tow, it slipped out of my grasp and in my efforts to catch it, I actually bat it through the air, and my laptop hurtles down the steps.

Somehow my laptop stayed powered on, and the screen was intact. But the poor casing had two massive dents, destroying the pristine silver skin for this item that was the centerpiece of my silver techie collection (camera, pda, phone).

So today, I got a call from the friendly folks at They're performing their magical surgery, and I'll get my computer back in a couple of days! But I feel bad, because I want a new computer actually, and so maybe when this is all fixed, I'll put this one up for adoption.


macboyx said...

Aww your poor PowerBook :(.

I must tell you that I also am a bit hard on lappys. I carry mine EVERYWHERE and if you're going to get a new ones....seriously consider the WHITE MacBook.

It's got a lovely polycarbonate case and it's not going to dent plus anything I've ever got on the outershell (ink, a baggage claim ticket) has wiped right off with a Mr Clean Eraser.

I had a 12" PowerBook and a 15" MacBook Pro and now a MacBook and I'm not looking back!

Anonymous said...

From Jayne: One of the wisest pieces of advice I have ever received was: "Don't run to catch a bus. There will be another one." I now try to remember to use this as a metaphor for all sorts of different situations, to remind me that even if I miss this particular opportunity, another will come along, to remember that going slow enough to enjoy the journey is as important as the journey itself. Macs are good machines. I have many good friends who believe that Macs are the best computers. Asfor me, I believe that Macs are the best for my friends who believe that Macs are the best for them. I think you are very lucky anything can be retrieved from your Mac. Make certain when you put it up for adoption (perhaps give it to a non-profit who could use it and take a tax write-off?) that you thank it for its excellent service to you. :-)