Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006: A Year In Review

I love year-end review articles. I love reading other people spouting off what they thought were the best fashion trends of 2006 or who was the biggest dork of 2006. I even still have some year-end issues of Entertainment Weekly (my former Bible) and Time Magazine "Man of the Year" issues tucked away in my closet. I can't bear to part with them for some reason. Maybe I'll take them out and reminisce and laugh at how stupid we were five years ago because that's half the fun.

So I'm gonna try my hand at my own year end review. I'm starting a little late, considering that today is December 28, and despite all my best efforts, I still haven't attained "professional-post-everyday-blogger-status." But I'll try my best to share with everyone my best and worst moments of 2006. I'm sure not everyone will agree with my thoughts. Just be nice, everyone.

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joey said...

What year end review wouldn't be complete without a mention of the walking disaster that is Ms. Britney still a devoted/loyal fan..but c'mon that weave is horrendous & the alcohol bloat is gross!