Saturday, December 30, 2006

Best President Bush Moment of 2006: Massages by Bush

Sometimes I think we are so lucky to have a President who gives us comedy. Think about it. Other countries have distinguished leaders. We have Cowboy George.

At this year's G8 Summit in Scotland, President Bush copped a feel to give a shoulder rub to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was truly one of the most bizarre things that I've ever seen our President do. Makes me think though. I wonder if I could get Bush to stop by my apartment. My neck and shoulders are killing me.


Anonymous said...

From Jayne: Wow! The second item I have seen today giving us a reason to think well of our president! That's more than I have seen in his entire presidency!! Way to go!! And I agree: we need to be proud of what he offers us. Thanks!!

teahouse said...

Yeah, that was bizarre!! She looked so uncomfortable, too.

Todd in H.K. (formerly Mr. H.K.) said...

I wouldn't let him touch me either!

What a creep!

kevin said...

Mr Cowboy Bush certainly gives the rest of the world good quality entertainment!

It is good that you saw info on New Zealand on the travel programme. You will always be welcome in New Zealand and i just know you will love it. Make sure you let me know when you come and i will show you around my city.

Kev in NZ

Anonymous said...

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