Friday, December 29, 2006

Biggest Attention Hog of 2006: Star Jones

Things I cared more about in 2006 than Star Jones:

- what time it was
- whether I would make Premier status on United this year or not (I didn't)
- what kind of protein supplement to take--soy or whey
- my quest to find the best coffee maker
- if Betty on Top Chef really is schizophrenic and will end up stabbing everyone on the show with her knives
- my disturbing realization that instead of losing hair, I think I'm actually growing more hair


teahouse said...

Ugh, Star Jones is heinous and disgusting. It was all downhill after she married that guy at St. Bart's.

And yes, I'm convinced that Betty will kill everyone else on Top Chef with that fancy Japanese knife she won in that one early challenge.

TCho said...

Not only that. Star Jones's husband is gay (or rumored to be, I should say.)