Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Subway Adventures

I dropped my chapstick in the subway track this morning. Well, I considered it lost since there was no way I was going to go crawling around the subway tracks to get it. Chapstick isn't that important. But would I go after an umbrella? Hmmm. Apparently, the answer was a clear and resounding yes to this woman who I observed in the subway station one day. She dropped her umbrella down in the track, and I thought, "Oh well, she lost her umbrella. That sucks." But instead of letting it go she turns to this guy and asks "If I go down there, will you help me back up?" Meanwhile, you could actually see the train headlights in the distance coming towards the station. This woman was crazy. The guy says "Uh...I guess...." Then the woman says "Don't worry, I'm a stunt woman." Thank god for that. I'm sure that reassured us all as the train was approaching closer and closer. Then this crazy stunt woman just jumped down there and jumped right back up, not really needing any help from the guy. A few minutes later, the train zooms into our station.

Wow. Somehow, me saying "Don't worry, I'm an IT Professional" doesn't have quite the same effect, at least in this situation.


Igots said...

I thought the tracks are electrified.

Byf said...

People are crazy! That would freak me out. I would have had to avert my eyes.

tim said...

There are some crazy people in our subway system.

teahouse said...

Ok, that's just insane. Wasn't there a woman who died last year on the subway trying to rescue her cell phone from the tracks?

It's akin to the people in New Orleans when I lived there, who would show their breasts for some $1 beads. Get some perspective, people!