Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just Needed A Change

I've decided on a new template. And I also have a fancy new blog roll thingy. Weeee. Most of my changes were fairly simple since the new template I chose was one of the ready-made templates you can just pick on blogger. But you still have to add sections like "What I'm Listening To" or your blog roll on your own into the template. You just insert them in, but it's a tedious task nevertheless. My knowledge of HTML is very limited, but I've learned a little. All I can say is what a huge pain in the ass this is! I'm glad I don't write HTML code for a living.

P.S., Can someone help me extend my left and right margins so my description is aligned with my title and so I don't have that obnoxious line going through my sidebar? And how do I extend the bottom margin of my sidebar and get rid of that extra grey shading that is creeping into my posts?


g8s said...

Actually, I kind of like your sidebar just the way it is... Sure you want to change it?

tim said...

ohhhhhh, snazzy... so jealous, I am.

teahouse said...

Nice new look!!

Sorry I don't know much about html. I just have one of those pre-formed templates myself.

Anonymous said...

From Jayne: I know a little about HTML and it looks like your margins are set by the cascading style sheet that is part of your template. Keep in mind that some of how your page appears is controlled by what browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), so some of what you say you want to do may not be necessary. :-)