Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cheese Store Guy

Everyday on my way to and from work, I pass through Grand Central Market. The food merchants in the Market all cost a fortune, but they have really high-quality stuff. I particularly like Wild Edibles (much better than the other seafood purveyor, Pescatore) and Ceriello because I get pretty picky about seafoods and meat and am willing to spend the money to buy good quality stuff like fresh caught seafood, free range chicken or dry aged beef.

But my latest favorite store is Murray's Cheeses. I've always liked that store, and they've got one of the best selection of cheeses in the city. I'm partial to blue cheeses among which Stilton is my favorite. I love walking by the display case and smelling all the aromas and seeing all the different types of cheeses from all over the world and watching the guys and gals slice the cheese straight from the wheel. I wanna visit the Village location some time though because I heard they have paninis which sounds like a perfect snack because it's not like I go walking down the street and say to myself "I could use a nice slice of Gouda right now." But a panini with special cheese from Murray's sounds delicious.

I say Murray's is my "latest favorite" because there are many gourmet grocery stores like Citarella, Balduccis, Whole Foods or the Vinegar Factory which have excellent cheese departments. Whereas, good meat and seafood can be really hard to find. But Murray's has the best cheese-mongers, which brings me to my second reason why Murray's is my latest favorite member of the Grand Central Terminal Market. I'm swooning over one of the mongers there. The last time I was there to buy some Gorgonzola, he cut me a slice and then pointed to a new cheese made by monks in Quebec for something new to try. He's such a cutie. I *almost* didn't eat the cheese that I bought from him since his hands, albeit gloved hands touched it. But, nah, I couldn't resist.


Aaron Weber said...

I really like this Spanish blue called Queso Cabra de Valdeon (I think that's it) that comes wrapped in oak or chestnut leaves or something. It's salty and strong and awesome with Rioja.

Mmmm, cheese.

GrooveTheory said...

You don't see a lot of cheese posts out there ... kudos on this :) LOL

MEANWHILE, I can't stand the smell of cheese, so better you than me ;)

mrsmogul said...

Okay I'm keeping that in mind when I head to NYC this year...MIss home!

tim said...

Ewwwww... do not under any circumstances eat Oka... it just sucks no matter who makes it. Spend your money on some Spanish goat (garroxta, nevat) or Spanish sheep (cana de ovejo, zamarano). It's just that most wash-rind cheeses are really just for show unless you get stuff like Epoisse. Have I confused you yet?

teahouse said...

I love Grand Central Market. Haven't been there in ages, since last summer I brought my parents there, and they almost had a collective heart attack over the price of meat (they are the cheapest people alive and are used to spending $1.99 per pound on meat). Since then I've been ashamed of my bourgeous tastes and now order everything via Fresh Direct.

But I digress. There's an episode of Sex and the City where a guy meets a cute worker in a cheese shop.