Monday, June 26, 2006

Life at Southfork

I really need to upgrade my home television environment. First off, I need to get a better TV. I still have the 19" TV that I bought in my Junior year of college from the Circuit City in Silver Spring, MD when I was spending the second semester of that year in DC, working at the State Department. Secondly, I really need to get Tivo. But I'm too scared that TV would become "work" for me, kind of like how Netflix got to be for me with DVDs just coming and coming in my mail, but I had no time to watch them. I'd probably have so many shows saved that I'd have to block entire weeks just to catch up. I have a lot of peripheral interests and I can usually find something to watch when I've plopped myself on the couch, especially on the National Geographic Channel or The History Channel. So you can bet I'd have a ton of shows saved up. For instance, one night I got really into this show about that oh so glorious presidential memorial at Mount Rushmore and how it was built and how long it took. The show also talked about the enormous memorial to Crazy Horse that's going to take like another 100 years to finish at the pace they're going. The next day I was talking everyone's ear off about everything that I had learned about Mount Rushmore. Everyone was probably sick of me by the end of the day spouting all my new knowledge.

I also need to upgrade my channels. HBO and Showtime are less important to me ever since Sex & The City and Queer as Folk went off the air. But I'd like to have the Digital Cable package. I used to get it, but I got rid of it as an unnecessary expense. I miss it though from time to time. I could get the extra Digital Cable package with channels like Style, the Game Show Network, and the Tennis Channel, and it would give me another outlet to catch up on all my favorite shows because they show syndicated reruns on a lot of them. But for current TV, I am in need of a new show to follow, after the cancellation of Alias. There are a couple of current shows that I like, like One Tree Hill and ER. But neither are the type of show that I would watch religiously every week and feel like I really know the characters. Plus ER has gone through so many changes that I don't know what the heck is going on. Normally, I tend to go for 1-hour dramas. Some of my other favorite tv dramas of years past are Homefront, Felicity, LA Law, Roswell, Party of Five, The Practice, Thirtysomething and The X-Files. As for other current shows, I know I should really like Lost since it is created by Mr. J.J. Abrams. And I've tried. But it's so hard to figure out what's going on unless you watch every single episode at least twice, it seems like. Ok, well I'm exaggerating, but I just need to get myself up to speed on that show and maybe Lost will become my new show for me. By the ways as a total sidebar, I had read a description of Lost in an article about upcoming shows for the next season. For some reason, I came away from that article thinking this was a reality show and there was some monster on the island killing people, sort of like a sadistic Gilligan's Island.

So to catch up on all my shows, like many people, I buy or rent television show DVDs. I like to take them with me when I travel because I never know what's on TV when I'm in another city. The next DVD, I'm thinking about getting is Dallas. I was never into the show when it was still on the air. I got into it when I was spending a summer in Korea in 1995. There was only one English channel-the channel for the US Military-and it had random American shows. Well, Dallas was one of the shows I really got into. I probably have more memories of the characters from Dallas than I do of actual events from that summer in Korea. The back stabbing, the furs in 120 degree weather, the name calling, the dirty dealings and the killer looks at the Ewing dinner table alone was Must-See TV. Dynasty was also on this channel, but I thought that show was just old people slutting around, and utterly boring. And although Dynasty had Joan Colins and Krystle's giant shoulder pads, Blake Carrington was but a pale imitation of the man the world loved to hate, J.R. Ewing (ok, so I watched a little of Dynasty).

I really got into the Dallas story. I've even visited the Southfork Ranch. I was like "Oh my god. Who shot J.R.?" Of course this was 15 years after he got shot and the whole world knew. I hear now they are making a Dallas movie. John Travolta's gonna be J.R., which sounds pretty good. But J. Lo. is going to be Sue Ellen??? Huh? Other rumored cast members are Luke Wilson, Shirley Maclaine and even Jessica Simpson. I hope the cast portrays the aura of rich people being deliciously miserable as well as the original cast.

Hopefully, I'll find my new show and have a home theatre dealy worthy of watching these shows. In the meantime, I feel like I should delete this post rather than show the evidence of my lack of life. I have a life! I'm just also autistic with this type of information.


teahouse said...

Yeah, my parents took me to Soutfork Ranch when I was a kid. Good times.

I'm in awe of the shows you watch. I have basic cable, but it's all I can do to keep my eyes open at night after getting home. I watch Law and Order reruns on TNT, and pathetically, that's about it.

Kristy said... should get sucked into Grey's Anatomy. That's worth getting TiVo for. Totally TOTALLY a time-suck. =)

rajimonster said...

yeah, defs start watching "grey's anatomy" -- so super good. also, i can't wait for the dallas movie either. i love dallas!

Vangie said...

I love JLO!