Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We Interrupt Normal Blogging To Reminisce About TCho In Turkey

I am incredibly lazy when it comes to taking pictures off my camera. It's probably because I am incapable of taking a good picture. My face contorts into these weird expressions that scream, "I'm pissed"; or "I'm taking a shit"; or "I've got a thing in my eye; can you see it?"

Anyway, tonight at the ungodley hour of 2AM on Wednesday night, I decided to upload all the pictures saved on my camera. I think this picture of moi came out pretty well. It's from the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. To read more about my adventures with the whirling dervishes of Turkey, go here and here.

And here's one from the ruins at Ephesus, which is an ancient Greco-Roman city about 6 hours east of Istanbul.

Posting pictures six months after the fact. Tsk, tsk. I'm a terrible blogger.


macboyx said...

Don't sweat it. It's nice to see pictures of you! It does not matter how late they are. I vote for more!

Cute :)

Todd HellsKitchen said...

I've been to Ephesus, too... LOVED it!

As for uploading photos, I usually do it while I'm doing laundry or something... So I can set it to start downloading and can go away and come back a few times to do each step til they are all organized on my Flickr page...