Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Top Chef Night

I've had a Bravo day before, and tonight I had a Top Chef night. And I even met a fellow blogger tonight!

So here's my grainy picture of the Top Chef posse from the signing and Q&A session I attended tonight at everyone's favorite neighborhood megabookstore. I also had my second sighting of cutie Raggedy Ann-dy Cohen, who was standing in the back, looking all dapper. Apparently Sam, from Season 3 was also standing in the back, but I completely missed him.

They are so cute.

I wish I had had time to ask a question, but by the time I thought of one, the Barnes & Noble lady was all, "Ok, time for two more questions!", and chose two people on the other side of the room

Then again, I guess I might have taken focus off from the guests of honor.


Wayne said...

Andy and Sam.. ah... so dreamy... *DROOOOOL*

tim said...

For some reason, I cannot get into Top Chef. Glad you had a good time though.