Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Day At America's Mall

Blogger really effed me today with some sort of mystery ailment. Don't they know that blogging is far more important than actually working?

But now the blogger "maintenance" (picture me making air quotes), which I think was a vast right-wing conspiracy to get me to actually do my job, is over, and I can update everyone on my boring life for the past few days. I am always amazed how I manage to make my life sound scintillating in this blog (well, I suppose that's all relative). I've entered another busy spell at work, having to wear a suit to work, and having a constant red light blinking from my blackberry visible through my pant pocket like Rudolph. Somehow through my occassional periods of blogging absence, I've been able to retain a somewhat captive audience through some magical colorful language while writing about what I do, which isn't really that interesting at all nor does it serve much purpose, except for giving me fodder to weave into cute stories for this blog. Anyhow, at the end of every week, I'm all set to have an exciting weekend, so I could come back here and yarn tales of adventure, debauchery and maybe even some crime. But usually by Sunday, I've settled down, exhausted, but wondering why I was so exhausted because I really hadn't done anything of consequence.

Over the weekend, I traveled to the mighty Mall of America while visiting my friend in Minneapolis. It's not all that it's cracked up to be, which I guess means that I'm not really a member of "America" since this is after all "America's Mall." But this mall is definitely huge. Some stores even have multiple branches inside. Like, I think there are actually FOUR Godiva stores all in this one mall. It's even got a cute Camp Snoopy amusement park and I got to experience the classic mall autograph signing when I saw James Lafferty from One Tree Hill and that kid who plays "Mouth" signing autographs to a gaggle of girls.

I'm a pretty die-hard shopper even though I hate trying on clothes. And even in this bastion of middle America, I was able to find a few things. My friend apparently, is not much of a shopper, and would even wait outside for me while I was inside a store browsing to add to my stupendous wardrobe like he was part of the abandoned straight male friend club. But there was something very exhausting about my whole day there, and after a few hours, my eyes were starting to glaze over. Spending 4 hours in a shopping mall without seeing natural light or a window anywhere can start to make you go crazy. I'm surprised National Geographic hasn't done a show on the human rituals that can take place in a mall.


teahouse said...

Yeah, after I took the bar exam we drove to some mall in Albany that's supposedly #2 in the country, only after the one in Minnesota. I was pretty exhausted after about an hour. I shop like a straight man - I get in, and get what I want, and leave.

kevin said...

It sounds like you had a great time in Minnesota. The malls drive me crazy. I go in to buy one thing and take hours looking at other stuff. Many times i go in to a mall and buy a few things except for the things that i originally went there for!

Do they have any American Eagle stores in the Mall of America?

Have a great day,
Kevin in New Zealand.

TCho said...

yep, there's an American Eagle there!

kevin said...

In that case, it's my kind of mall!
Cheers tcho,
Kevin in New Zealand.

Rhea said...

I have the same response to shopping malls that you do. They are like giant sensory deprivation tanks.