Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Holiday Post

I'm in San Francisco again this week working out of my company's SF office. I thought NY had been cold and rainy. It's like freaking Siberia here. Well, not that cold, but I clearly did not pack warmly enough. It was so cold, even away from the Bay, down in Silicon Valley where I was over the weekend. I was with a friend from college and I wanted to buy a thermal or a fleece or something since I didn't pack anything remotely long sleeve except for my dress shirts for work.

So I was on a mission on Sunday to find a clothing store like J. Crew or American Apparel. My friend and I were also looking for a brunch place. We drove from his apartment to Nini's Coffee Shop in San Mateo, but the place was closed for Easter. Then we went over to Burlingame, and we found a place open for brunch (but only till 4PM) where I had really good pancakes made with "Swedish Oatmeal." Swedish Oatmeal? I had never heard of that, but they made the texture of the pancakes really good, kind of a "rustic" quality.

After brunch, I went searching for my long-sleeve top. My friend and I walked down the main street of Burlingame. Burlingame has a Polo store, but that was closed. J. Crew was also closed. I walked into Banana Republic, but they just had sweaters and button down shirts, and no long-sleeve tshirts or fleeces. The Gap was open too, but I haven't walked into a Gap in over 5 years and I don't have any plans to change that. We also stopped by the Apple store in Burlingame because I wanted to buy an iPod USB cable, and that was closed too! After that, we had pretty much exhausted the open shopping in Burlingame. I was actually hoping to find an American Apparel because I really like their thermals and they're only $20.00 a piece and I buy them even though the CEO of that company is a total perv. My friend and I thought maybe there would be one at Stanford Mall. We drive over to the mall and the entire mall, except for maybe the restaurants, was closed. What is going on here? Things don't close in NY for Easter! If anything, we have sales, which is the most important feature of any holiday.

This is kind of funny to say, but it wasn't until this year that I realized that Easter is a big deal.


macboyx said...

I completely agree. I kinda forgot it was Easter when my friend and I were running around looking for an open electronics store, they were all closed. We even drove past restaurants that were closed.

C&E at its best.

marshmallow said...

you know, it was pretty amazingly good weather in NYC over easter!!

jenny said...

Wait... you're in San Francisco? Are you back in time for TequilaCon on Saturday? Sure hope so - even if you can just pop in for a bit!

GrooveTheory said...

I'm jealous!! You're in the city that I love that most! But yeah, Cali is not very mall oriented ... unless you go to the Valley.

teahouse said...

Dayum right, Easter is a big deal! But ah, isn't shopping on holidays fun?

I used to have a ritual for shopping on Good Friday every year. Nothing like being super-materialistic on the day Jesus died for our sins.

Anonymous said...

from Jayne: Easter is huge for me personally but I know not if The Mall (we have but one here in C'ville) was open that day or not. I do still send via USPS to Kristy the basket of goodies that The Easter Bunny (T.E.B.) leaves here for her - for some reason s/he (T.E.B.) cannot seem to find Kristy's new address! :-)