Thursday, April 27, 2006

America Gets It Right

This season on American Idol, America seems to actually be getting it right when voting off contestants. I still remember last season when that red-head Harry Connick Jr/Frank Sinatra wanna-be, John Stevens was on the show FOREVER. No amount of protests could get that guy off the stage.

This week, on "Love Song" week, Kellie Pickler gave the worst performance of the night, and America agreed. The judges called her a "robot" and they were right. That girl cannot crack a smile when she sings. She might as well have had botox injected all over her facial muscles since her face looked paralyzed while she sang "Unchained Melody." And I was getting really tired of her innocent, country-bumpkin act. While I don't doubt that she really is that dumb and naive, I do think she was shamelessly using it to stay on the show, making her not so innocent anymore.

So I was pretty happy she got voted off. None of the performances that night really wowed me. I thought Katherine was better than the judges thought. Chris gave a dependable and pretty good, rockish performance like he always does. Taylor should have sung "Up Where We Belong" because he's been imitating Joe Cocker all this time, and so he might as will sing something that shows his strengths. Paris really needs to pick better songs. She's got a great voice, but only once in a while has she picked a song that shows off her voice and her energy. Elliot, who my friend says looks like he has Down's Syndrome, which I think is hilarious, sang pretty well. But I just have not been that enamored with his voice in any of his performances. I think he sounds weird and almost tone-deaf sometimes. Paula, on the other hand, I swear was high or something. She kept blubbering on and on and gave this "stop the world," mascara-dripping "You move me" speech after Elliot sang. The look that Simon gave Paula after that bawling outburst was priceless.

Sometimes, American Idol can really stress you out.. But I've been pretty happy with this season. I think if Kevin Covais had become America's next idol, I would never speak to America again.


EM said...

amen. i want katherine or chris to win. i dig elliot's voice, but can't stand watching him. paris has a great voice but isn't ready for the big time yet. and taylor is great but very limited in what he can perform. and paula...well, paula is DEFINITELY on some sort of drugs. think she alternates the uppers and downers. but she's stoned 9 times out of 10, no doubt about it.

i obviously have no life.

Kristy said...

OK. We watch AI each week just to see whether Paula is drunk or high. Now THAT'S entertaiment.

I think Kellie is made to host some sort of show - maybe a fluff correspondent for Extra or something. A decent singer, but nothing worthy of a major contract.

I like Elliot, but I think it's sentimental because of him being from Richmond.

LOVE me some Katherine McPhee and Chris. I wish they'd sell a single of that re-do of "Walk the Line" he did. I'd be all over that.

I remember when that Sinatra kid stayed on so long. I hated America then. Ugh. And yeah, Kevin Covais would have made me give up on our country - I mean, I'm tinkering it on already with the whole re-election of Bush and what not.