Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Biggest Holiday Of The Year

I meant to post this on Friday, but didn't get around to it. I suppose I could just change the date of this entry to be Friday, March 17, but that would be cheating.

At any rate, I never knew until last year how big of a deal St. Patrick's Day is to some people. I guess I don't really pay attention to too many holidays except for the major ones or the ones where I get a day off. But I remember talking to a coworker last year about how he was liking New York so far for the six or seven months that he had lived here. He told me he loved NYC and was telling me about all the great times he's been having. Then he told me that the best day he has had in New York was St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day? It has never occurred to me to do anything for St. Patrick's Day. I knew people went out to the Irish pubs, and I think there's a parade, but I never thought that much about it. Well, my co-worker, who is Filipino by the way, said he had the best time and was going to have friends from out of town visit him for the next year. Wow, out of town visitors. That never crossed my mind either.

Sure enough, he had a bunch of people visiting from out of town, and invited me along. I declined. I went to the movies instead.


GrooveTheory said...

I didn't do sh*t on St. Patty's either. What? Drink? Isn't that my Friday's anyway? :) LOL J/K!

What movie did you see?

j-a said...

i went to drink but i didn't realize it was st patty's until i got to barrow street...and saw all the green.

teahouse said...

St. Patrick's Day is awesome! Did you know that NYC's parade is the biggest in the WORLD? Not surprising, considering that 2-3 million people regularly attend it, and the population of Ireland is only about 3 million total!

EM said...

i didn't do squat for st. patty's day. i don't get what the big deal is about it. so you get to drink? how is that different from any other day? a bunch of people wear an offensive shade of green that flatters no one? score! i don't get parades, either, but that's another matter entirely. oh well, happy march 24th (i'm wearing pink and going out drinking to celebrate)!

Jon said...

The odd thing is that St Patrick's Day in Ireland isn't that big of a deal. Sure, people might go get a drink, but they just watch the parade in NY on TV and that's about it. My Irish friend is amused how Irish Americans seem to 'be more Irish' than modern day Irish people themselves

Anonymous said...

From Jayne: I googled tcho and your blog is fourth! I am in awe to know someone who comes up fourth on Google!!!!!