Friday, February 10, 2006

Seven things....

So I got tagged by Kristy. This is my first meme! Anyway, here we go:

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Go to business school.
2. Buy an apartment.
3. Get my six pack back.
4. Learn to surf and fence.
5. Reconcile with my parents.
6. Find someone to be with.
7. Be happy with my job.

Seven things I cannot do
1. Be alone forever
2. Pass up the latest designer offering, especially if it’s on sale
3. Small talk
4. Hit on someone
5. Photograph well (i.e., my photogenic qualities)
6. Serve a tennis kick serve
7. Ski a double black run at Snowbird or any big ski resort out West

Seven things that attract me to blogging:
1. I’ve become more observant.
2. I’ve become more outgoing.
3. Feeling of being a “writer/journalist.”
4. Comments (Hint, hint to everyone who reads this blog.)
5. Gives me something to do when I’m bored at work.
6. Outlet to react in a human way to situations I see or am involved in.
7. Lets my friends know that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth.

Seven things I say most often:
1. like
2. I don’t care
3. I’m tired
4. What’s for dinner?
5. Wow
6. I guess
7. Cool

Seven books that I love:
1. Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo (book & the movie)
2. New York Magazine (I know that’s not a book).
3. How to Eat by Nigella Lawson
4. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
5. The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
6. Thirteen Days by Robert Kennedy
7. The Best Little Boy In The World Grows Up by Andrew Tobias

Seven movies that I can watch over and over again:
1. Sabrina (1995)
2. Ordinary People
3. Friends & Alias (Yeah, I know. Neither is a movie.)
4. Notting Hill
5. Quiz Show
6. Lord of the Rings trilogy
7. Indiana Jones trilogy


Byf said...

I heard a rumor that they're making another Indiana Jones movie. Which is unfortunate. They stand on their own just fine. Besides, isn't Harrison Ford too old now? I hope they're not thinking of replacing him.

EM said...

harrison ford is supposed to be in it. and yes, he is WAY too old now. it's kind of pathetic.

and terence, i think FRIENDS counts as a movie now that the seasons are out on dvd. wink. i have the first five seasons so far. i'm kind of pathetic, too.

marshmallow said...

no! not another sequelled out sequel...i love the indiana jones films, but another one would be too much.

Anonymous said...

I also like your blog b/c it lets me know you're still alive, and that the more you change, the more you stay the same. Good to see Harrison Ford is something we'll always have. :)


Anonymous said...

From Jayne: My friends, Harrison Ford just keeps getting better and better. The Indy movies are all good, and it is my hope this one will be also. :-)

teahouse said...

The Remains of the Day is an awesome book.

And if you liked the new Sabrina, you should see the classic one, with Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. One of my favorites!

EM said...

teahouse: LOVE the Audrey Hepburn version of Sabrina. love anything with Audrey Hepburn in it. i want to be her.

speaking of odd sequels, my husband said they're making a new Batman, and Michael Keaton will be in it, only he'll be playing the Joker. what??????

Jon said...

Oh, The Joy Luck Club makes me cry each time I close it. Maybe I was a Chinese woman in past life? I'm not cheap enough and don't spit, but still..... ;-)

tim said...

To serve a kick serve, think that the ball has a mohawk and your are chopping the the back part of the mohawk off with your racket. The motion also involves fanning the ball away... that may or may not make sense. Your grip matters too. The knuckle of your index finger must be aligned with the sides of the racket, not the face as most people try to hold it. Good luck.