Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy (Belated) Chinese New Year

On Sunday, I kind of invited myself to dim sum with my friend, Colin. I just had a craving for it ever since I saw Mr. I-think-I'm-so-great Ming Tsai on TV couple weeks ago take a trip to Hong Kong. There, he went to the Floating Restaurant and had an amazing array of different dumplings and other little plates of dim sum. I was drooling at the sight and wanted to go for some as soon as I could.

I picked a bad weekend to go. First of all, I hate Chinatown. I can't stand the crowds, the screwed up streets, 200 year old people who walk way too slow buying who knows what and the cheap business owners there who don't take credit cards. All of this was exacerbated by the throngs of people for the Chinese New Year Parade. I don't know what my friends were thinking because they told me they specifically chose this restaurant because it was away from the parade hoopla. My friends must have been crazy because it was smack dab in the middle of the parade.

Anyway, I finally arrived and had a nice time enjoying the dim sum. Too bad you have to go all the way to Chinatown for it.


teahouse said...

I've been to Golden Unicorn before. It's good, but way too crowded. Another good place to try is Jing Fong.

Jon said...

Oh please, credit cards are so common.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

1. Don't you dare diss my brother, Ming Tsai. He's a cutie. Okay, he's not my brother but he's still cute.

2. Going to Chinatown on the weekend, any weekend, is stupid. Going to Chinatown on Chinese New Year weekend is like asking someone to cut your balls off and stew them in black bean sauce for dim sum.