Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Miss Everything...

The transit strike is long over now, but I saw a store the other day that had "Strike Sale" sign. I guess they didn't think it was too late to prey on people's frustration or sympathy. But I felt left out. I completely missed the transit strike in New York since I was in SF for the entire duration. The strike honestly wouldn't have affected me that much. I work from home a lot, and so I would have just stayed home if I had been in New York.

I also missed the blackout in the late Summer of 2003. I was in dumb old Australia. Actually I love Australia and I miss Sydney a lot. But I felt like everyone was having fun over in NY without me. I heard about street parties, celebrities hanging out with normal folk, free food from restaurants. Of course, I'm sure the people trapped in subways and elevators were none too pleased about the blackout especially during our typically scorching summer. But I didn't know any of them.


teahouse said...

Be glad you weren't here for either of those catastrophes! Sure, it was bonding and all..but the transit strike made all of the streets clogged, and the blackout happened in the yucky heat of August. No a/c, I was sticky and hot for so long. Not pleasant. I'd say you were born under a lucky star.

Jon said...

I wasn't in the city for 911- i had just graduated college and lived with my mom at the time, having moved out of the city only to commute in every day-- that was a weird feeling, seeing a city i knew so well and loved on fire.

Of ourse, I'm not trying to compare the transit strike or the blackout to 911, but you didbn't miss much. I know the news played up the whole 'commradery of NYers' bullshit, but in reality, it was fucking cold and my feet were killing me. :P