Monday, October 24, 2005

Subway Interior Decorating

So this morning I was late to work as usual. With my new job, I tend to work from home in the mornings from about 8-9AM. I really like to work from home. I get to sit at home with my laptop on top of a pillow on my couch. Or I get to lie on my bed with my laptop in front of me all in the comfort of a tshirt and boxers. I always have my iTunes going on and the TV on mute, so I'm paying attention to 3 things at once!

At any rate, today when I got on the "S" Shuttle at Times Square, I entered the slopes of a snowy mountain. Inside the car, snowy mountain wallpaper covered the walls and the seats had been replaced with long cream-colored benches that were supposed to look like a snowy rocky mountain slope. It definitely woke me up this morning. I was wondering what it was all for. Was this something new the MTA was going to do for the holidays? After I sat down, I looked up and realized that in addition to the snowy motif, Eddie Bauer ads were everywhere. OH! I get it now. The new interior decorating was for Eddie Bauer's new Rockefeller Center "Down" Store. I felt very much "in the know" since my comforter happens to be Eddie Bauer.

This got me thinking. The MTA should decorate the insides of the subway more often. How about a Prada one? Or a US Open themed one? That would be so cool, I think.


Anonymous said...

From Jayne: Think of it: CocaCola red for Valentines, Pepsi (it seems to be their cans are now red, white and blue) for the 4th of July, who will do St. Patrick's Day???

rajimonster said...

before the MTA starts gussying up the inside of the subway cars, they should do something about the ginormous RATS that lease-to-own most of the stations. At the 23rd street 1 station, I saw a rat actually sitting on the bench, reading the paper. Well, practically.

Jon said...

I'm just happy when they aren't filthy- sure, the new 4,5,6 trains are new, but most of the city subways are still nasty.

teahouse said...

That's AWESOME!! I wish I'd been there.

They don't do cool shit like that on the stupid 1 train.

If I could choose a theme, I'd make the train after Dylan's Candy Bar. Colored sprinkles everywhere, huge lollipops and lots of hot fudge sundaes for everyone!!

EM said...

i think they need an "Emily Page original artwork" train. i'm all about shameless self promotion.

Anonymous said...

they should decorate the interior of all subway cars with A&F models that would be tres hot!!!