Monday, September 26, 2005


I went to Saks during my lunch break because I wanted to pick up something at the Kiehl's counter. I also wanted to check out the Fall Collections of some of my favorite designers.

Well, they've really spruced up Saks. My preferred store is Barneys. I always thought Saks was a distant also-ran and held no flame against either Barneys or Bergdorfs. But when I walked into Saks today, I was thoroughly impressed. The store seemed organized and the store management definitely upped the ante in the calibre of their brands. And overall the store seemed much more cohesive and logical in its presentation. They got rid of all the haphazard displays and put different brands together that made sense.

I saw a green zip-up cashmere pullover from Tse that I was itching to buy. It was so nice. It was a nice deep green color with a little bit of cable pattern. But I've really been trying to cut back on my spending.

I left the store with no purchases, not even anything from Kiehls. Wow, leaving Saks with no shopping bags in hand. How strong am I?


Jon said...

3 cheers for Barneys! Haven't been in Saks in about 3 years, so I haven't seen the changes.

GrooveTheory said...

That's right Barney's is the sh*t! But since we have no decent Saks here, I go to Bloomie's when I'm in Jersey.

But yeah, that was pretty brave ;)

Stationery Queen said...

You're an inspiration! :-)

Jenny said...

Your self-control serves as a model for us all!