Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oprah Won't Let The Olympics Die

I'm fairly proud of my concierge skills, but even I don't think I could have pulled this off.  Somehow, Oprah got practically the entire US Olympic Team to come to Chicago.  When I saw the preview on my DVR, I thought it would just be the superstars like Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin, or  Kobe Bryant.  But Oprah, of course, would never settle just for the big names.  She freaking brought EVERYONE.  Judo, Shooting, Cycling, Sailing, Equestrian, you name it, she had them there.  She even brought the bowlers, which actually I didn't even know was an Olympic Sport.

Oprah, of course, also took over Millennium Park, like only Oprah can and made a huge spectacle.  Leave it to Oprah to bring the Olympics BAAAAACCCCKKKK.

But she did forget one detail.  She forgot to tell the swimmers to leave their shirts at home.


Ming the Merciless said...

I wonder if she can get Bristol Pallin and her baby daddy on her show. I would watch that!

:: :: said...

She is, after all, Oprah!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

How bladdy dare she do that? Swimmers with tops on - it's outrageous. LOL

As Joz says.