Thursday, January 11, 2007

Most Exciting Moment of TCho's Life in 2006 (Confessional #3: I Love TV)

By now, it should be no secret to my readers that I'm addicted to TV and am completely unashamed of my addiction. When people tell me "I don't watch TV" or "I don't have a TV", I'm like "Who the fuck doesn't watch TV? What the hell do you do at night?" If anything, TV is important to my mental health, since I meet so few interesting people in real life, and choose instead to bond with characters from a sitcom.

I jest, of course. Believe it or not, sometimes while I'm watching TV, I actually do think "I could be doing something a lot more constructive. I'm a smart guy who could get so much more accomplished if I get up off this couch." But then the commercials end and the show comes back on, and I'm back to my happy, catatonic state.

So because of my love for TV, I couldn't write a year end review without a category dedicated to TV. In 2006, I got DVR! I got it through my cable company because I didn't feel like buying the official Tivo unit. And I am so happy with it. No more commercials; no more fiddling with recording shows on my VCR or my elaborate calendar, and most importantly no more missing my favorite shows. DVR has changed my life. Although, I do feel left out because my DVR doesn't have the "blub, blub.....ka-CHONG" sounds that Mr. Tivo makes. Plus if I had Tivo, I could have had a cute title to this post like "I'vo got Tivo" or maybe "We'vo got Tivo." But that latter title doesn't quite work since I live alone.

And that concludes my 2006 review. Thanks for reading! Now I'm ready to catch up with the rest of the world in 2007.


cupre said...

I always wonder how anyone has time for television (how do you do it?). There are some interesting things on the tube, but I never have the time to watch, so the tv’s not even hooked up, except to the DVD player. I do sometimes wish I had time to watch some of the hot guys on t.v. There are so many other things to do. Here’s a non-exhaustive list.

Things that aren’t fun but need to be done (and, mind you, I don’t do these as often as I should):
prepare meals for work week
clean bathrooms/kitchen
clean floors/windows (as if)
catch up on continuing education in my two careers
house maintenance and repairs/remodel
shopping for things that have to be done: e.g. replace dishwasher (yawn)
car maintenance
pay bills
balance checkbook
check on investments
take out recycling
deal with junk mail
charity work/work for environmental causes

Things that are “fun” that I do:
garden (redesign, shop, dig, weed, prune, plant, move 6 tons gravel, reset flagstone, etc.)
learn a new language
take classes/work on yet another degree
yoga/tai chi/qi gong
learn to play an instrument
learn photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator/Vectorworks/AutoCAD
read blogs
catch up on the news
read some of the 15 or so magazines I subscribe to
shopping for fun
make a fabulous meal
have a dinner party
respond to e-mails from friends/family or phone them
travel/make travel plans (hmm, Venice?)
race my boyfriend down the ski slopes
train for skiing
torment my boyfriend’s body until he explodes then snuggle and talk about nothing

Kayo Kid said...

YouTube. Even better than TV!

Robin said...

It's called bitTorrent.

But as one of those without a TV, I am reconsidering it to satisfy my soccer addiction.