Thursday, July 13, 2006


I've had a busy week this week, and then yesterday, the monsoon season returned and my Internet got knocked out. Can I just say that RCN really needs to hire more Customer Service people? Last night the "estimated wait time" was 56 minutes!

Anyhow, this post is a little late. But I just had to share this. On Sunday, I was walking down Broadway after my run around the Reservoir. I stopped in Zabar's for a few minutes to browse around. Zabar's isn't my favorite gourmet grocery store, but I do think they have one of the top three cheese departments in the city. After smelling the aromas, I left. Two doors down is H&H bagels. I LOVE H&H bagels. They must lace those things with crack or something because they're sooooo good. The crusty exterior with the chewy soft and sweet interior are just bagel heaven. I toast my bagels, which I know is supposed to be a cardinal sin for a true New York bagel. Supposedly the goodness of a New York bagel should shine through without toasting. But I just toast a little bit because I like the crust that forms after toasting. The most fun way to get an H&H bagel is to visit their giant plant on the West Side Highway at two in the morning and get whatever's hot from the oven.

So on Sunday, I left Zabar's and walked down Broadway and figured I'd stop and get a bagel to eat at home since I was in the neighborhood. Right in front of the H&H bagel store, there was a group of five very Long Island jappy girls. The leader of the jap pack declared, "Ok, let's go in and get a bagel and the five of us will split one!"

I'm sorry, but you don't deserve to have an H&H bagel if you're gonna split one amongst five people.

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teahouse said...

OMG...five people?

Ok, I have a couple of friends who were long Island girls in their past incarnations (they've now been transformed into Manhattan lawyers). But this sounds like just the sort of thing that they would say.