Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hands-Free Kit

When I was at my old job, I had to beg and plead to get a telephone headset. For some stupid reason, my old firm only gave them to lawyers and secretaries and not to legal assistants or case managers. Finally, one day I was complaining about not having one to one of the secretaries who I was friends with. Well, actually I use the term "friend" loosely. I was really more friends with the lawyer he worked for, and chatted with his secretary, more out of necessity to stay on his good side (the secretary, not the lawyer). He was nice enough, just kind of a "talker" and could keep you there talking about who knows what. When he heard that I really really wanted a headset though, he said he would hook me up.

The next day, a surprise package arrived in my office. I got my headset. I plugged it in with great excitement. I couldn't wait for my first call. When someone finally called me, it was like the best thing since sliced bread. I felt so free. No more sore arms.

I also now find having a bluetooth headset with my cell phone to be an absolute life necessity, despite my incessant teasing to my friend before because I told him he looked like he was talking to himself. I then got a free Motorola 750, and all my memories of my first headset at the office came flooding back, and I was hooked. The reception was good for the headset that I got, and it fit reasonably well; it only flopped around a little when I wore my glasses. But it had this really annoying blue flashing light whenever you used it, like I was receiving signals from outer space or something to beam me up.

I don't have this headset anymore because the other day, I stupidly broke the thing. I plugged my headset into my charger even though I could see that the prongs on my charger were a little bent. I let it charge and after a few minutes, I tried to pull my headset out. The damn thing wasn't coming out! I struggled to get the charger out of my headset. Finally it did come out along with a big chunk of my headset. Oh great. I just broke it.

So now I need a new headset. Basically I wan't something that will securly stay on my ear while I pace around and yap away in my apartment. Something hefty, but not so big that it will make me look like Janet Jackson from Rhythm Nation. I think I found one to my liking made by Sony Ericsson and have ordered it. The coolest part is that it has a caller ID display in the actual earpiece. Weeee.

My life is so exciting sometimes.


Anonymous said...

From Jayne: One might think that a person who does computer support would have all the latest techie gizmo's but I seem to be a luddite of some type in that I do not. None of my phones have caller ID (well, maybe the cell phone that I never turn on does ...). And you have it in that small device. Interesting.

EM said...

ugh, my ear piece broke yesterday. it worked fine about 5 minutes before. then i hung up, set the phone down, and walked away. phone rings 5 minutes later, and the damn thing is totally kaputz. no idea why. my hubby and i have had nothing but bad luck with cell phones and ear pieces and the like. why can't they make ones that actually last more than 6 months???