Monday, December 19, 2005

Two Choices, Not Three

I'm in San Francisco again this week on business. I flew United on Saturday morning. For some inexplicable reason, my original flight at 6:45AM was cancelled, and I got bumped to the 8:55AM flight. No one seemed to have any idea why my original flight was cancelled. I was like "You shouldn't call yourselves United! You guys don't seem to be "United" in your information."

The flight was nice. I slept and watched some DVDs of Arrested Development and House, my new favorite shows. Towards the end of our flight we were offered a snack. The choices were "Chicken & Fruit" or "Fruit & Cheese." The flight attendant went down the aisle and got to me. I chose the Chicken & Fruit and was given my plate pretty quicly. Then I could hear the flight attendant ask the person behind me. "Would you like Chicken & Fruit or Fruit & Cheese?" The guy behind me replied, "Can I get Chicken & Cheese?" "Um, I'm sorry, sir. We can't mix the plates," the flight attendant told the disappointed passenger.

On her way back to the galley, I rolled my eyes with the flight attendant. I heard her tell another flight attendant "Some guy just asked for Chicken AND Cheese!"

Some people can be so difficult.


EM said...

do chicken and fruit really seem like a more logical combination than chicken and cheese? i mean, the guy was an idiot to ask for it, don't get me wrong, but i can see why he might think that'd be a better combo. as for me, i'd have picked the fruit and cheese.

oh, and three cheers for arrested development. great show.

Jon said...

Chicken and fruit sounds like an odd combo. Blech!

Paul said...

I work in IT too. I do POS Support for a retail chain nased in San Francisco. I live on the Upper West Side so I spend a lot of time on United trans-cons. I came back on the 1:30 this afternoon. Steak and cheese sandwich. mmmmmm. I watched 'Kinsey' on my laptop. Or at least the first hour. After that I slept. What a way to earn a living, huh?

teahouse said...

Mmm...chicken and cheese. Well, it sounds like that Chicken Kiev dish, where you slash it open and the cheese oozes out.